Lending Stream Payday Loans

Lending Stream is an online short term loans provider. They provide loans of up to £1500 with up to 6 months to pay. They initiate funds transfer within 4 minutes of your loan being approved.

This is what they have to say:

Lending Stream has been providing short-term loans since 2008. We are members of BCCA and CCTA and follow their codes of practice. Lending Stream runs an affordability analysis on all applications to evaluate whether you should be able to repay the loan in a sustainable manner.

We were founded by some of the same people who developed the fraud detection system protecting transactions on over 2.5 billion credit cards worldwide. So, it is no surprise that our team is comprised of some of the most brilliant data scientists, engineers, and business analysts in the world.

Lending Stream is driven to use the power of advanced analytics to help people who deserve credit, get credit. And, by creating innovative credit products, our goal is to respectfully and responsibly change the way people do business with the underbanked.

We want the power of our technology to be used for something meaningful and positive. Our vision has evolved to include a clear focus on building solutions that help consumers, merchants and lenders all share in the tremendous value that analytics can create.

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